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Crossbeam Systems Certifies Imperva SecureSphere 7.0 On Its X-Series Security Platform

Boxborough, Mass., Jan. 4, 2009  Crossbeam Systems, Inc., the leading provider of next-generation security platforms for high-performance networks, today announced that it has certified Imperva SecureSphere 7.0 via the iBeam certification program to run on Crossbeam's X-Series Next Generation Security Platform.

The SecureSphere Data Security Suite delivers a suite for Web application and database security. SecureSphere is the industry's leading business-critical data security, application auditing and compliance solution. In addition to offering accurate protection against Web application and database attacks, SecureSphere provides complete transaction visibility throughout business applications and user accountability for any data access. SecureSphere enables organizations to identify and prioritize risks, mitigate vulnerabilities and achieve compliance.

"SecureSphere offers businesses an integrated way to manage risk across their heterogeneous data repositories and protect sensitive data assets," said Limor Elbaz, vice president of corporate development at Imperva. "Through our partnership with Crossbeam and the certification of SecureSphere 7.0, we're able to easily meet our customers' data security and compliance requirements while taking advantage of the performance, scalability and multi-application benefits provided by the X-Series."

Crossbeam's iBeam ISV certification program rigorously tests best-of-breed, independent security applications running on the X-Series in real-world conditions by recreating the layered, core security architectures of large enterprise and service provider networks and stressing the system with heavy traffic embedded with threats. This assures customers deploying Imperva SecureSphere 7.0 on the X-Series that the solution will provide the carrier-class performance and reliability they demand in their networks.

"SecureSphere 7.0 can be deployed as a stand-alone application or simultaneously layered with other security applications, such as network firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, virtualized and integrated on a single X-Series," said Jim Freeze, chief marketing officer for Crossbeam. "This is ideal for our large enterprise and service provider customers who want the flexibility to deploy their security services when and how they need them, with the assurance they will perform at optimal levels."

Crossbeam's X-Series security platform virtualizes best-in-class security applications on a scalable, carrier-class chassis. Companies with high-performance networks deploy the X-Series to consolidate their security infrastructure without compromising extreme throughput or reliability. Because the X-Series is capable of collapsing entire multi-vendor network segments onto a single device, it has been continually proven to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership among competing security solutions.