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Court: OK for E-Mail Provider to Read Mail

Those wacky judges are at it again. Tuesday, the Supreme Court squashed the Internet Porn Law designed to protect children from stumbling onto pornography. Yesterday, a federal appeals court said it was totally fine that a company that offered e-mail service tracked its subscribers' messages.

This decision came in lieu of a court case involving a now-defunct company, Interloc Inc. A former VP of the company was accused of ordering his folks to set up a program that made copies of e-mails in 1998 so they could review messages sent to its subscribers by their rival at the time -- none other than

So how on earth did they escape conviction of the wiretapping charges? Ah the magic of the "loophole." Since the emails were copied while in "electronic storage" -- no real wiretapping ever took place. So by the letter of the law, they couldn't be held accountable.

You can bet that this is a huge can of worms just waiting to rupture and wriggle forth. Basically, this means companies could conceivably do a tap-dance around the law in order to rummage through inboxes.

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