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Coraid Adds Storage Mirror Appliance

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. -- CORAID, Inc., makers of EtherDrive SAN solutions, today announced the EtherDrive EM22 Storage Mirror appliance, an in-band network appliance providing block level LUN mirroring and partitioning. By enabling LUNs and RAID sets to be synchronously mirrored across multiple enterprise-wide storage chassis, the EM22 enables users to easily build fault tolerant storage systems with 'No Single Point of Failure' (NSPOF).

Responding to the market's need for a highly available and affordable fault tolerant SAN, CORAID developed the EM22 Storage Mirror to provide seamless redundancy of EtherDrive storage appliances. "Upgrading an existing EtherDrive SAN to a fully redundant, fault tolerant SAN is as simple as adding the EM22 with an additional EtherDrive storage appliance," said James Kemp, CEO of CORAID. "Because our EtherDrive SAN solutions are so extremely affordable, customers can have a completely redundant, fault tolerant SAN at a fraction of the cost of a comparable iSCSI or FibreChannel solution."

Coraid Inc.