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Computer Boogers? Ewwww!

Sometime in the near future, you might be buying two boxes of tissues at the grocery store--one for you and one for your computer. The BBC reports that scientists have been working hard to improve on 'electronic nose' technology, which allows computers to take virtual whiffs of an array of aromas. E-Noses have been used for some time now in food and beverage industries. NASA uses them to keep track of pollutants aboard spacecraft. Doctors even use them to help track odors specific to certain diseases. But now, a breakthrough in the technology: a layer synthetic mucus which, like the kind we have in our own noses, helps the computerized schnozzolas to drastically improve their smelling capabilities.

That's right, they're giving the electronic noses boogers.

The new, improved technology is expected to be on the market within the next two years--as soon as they can teach the computers to stop picking their noses.

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