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Compliance Mania

If only the legislators believed that. Instead, they've taken it upon themselves to enumerate every form of theft, fraud and other crimes. But by implication, their detailed definitions exclude all emerging variants of crime. Hence, the lawmakers are forever losing in the race to close legal loopholes.

What's more, they confuse a failure to maintain proof of compliance in precisely prescribed forms with the wrongful conduct such compliance is supposed to deter. Burdening law-abiding citizens with regulations that don't encumber those who choose to disregard them will simply encourage others to flout the law, leading to a free-for-all where representations no longer have any meaning.

Let juries, not legislators, determine who the spammers, malicious hackers, identity thieves and scammers are. Until wrongdoing can be proved, people and businesses should be left alone with their assets, time and creative energies intact for constructive purposes. Otherwise, not only will our economy flounder, but our civilization as well.

Paul Rowe
Director, VP, COO

Company name and e-mail address withheld by request

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