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CommVault Enhances e-Discovery


  • Responding to the need for organizations to preserve and protect their information when litigation is reasonably anticipated, CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT) today announced the availability of an advanced Legal Hold feature set, extending the capabilities of the eDiscovery features in the CommVault Simpana® 7.0 software suite.
  • CommVault’s Legal Hold capability spans both archive and backup stores to help ensure information is preserved. By maintaining a legally defensible audit trail, these features allow customers to reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with regulations such as the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) for eDiscovery as well as preserving the evidentiary integrity of content for court submission.
  • With powerful features and no need for additional licensing to enable a wide-ranging eDiscovery toolkit, the Legal Hold capability uses a comprehensive, automated approach to search and retrieve data from backups, archives or any Electronically Stored Information (ESI) – such as emails and files – and retain a subset of the data for long-term accessibility. CommVault Legal Hold helps customers defensibly preserve responsive information that may already be under multiple retention policies. CommVault’s Legal Hold also embraces object level holds, beyond file-based, for a granular level of recovery for both vaulted backup sets and archives at the message or document level.
  • Post-hold considerations are also supported within the Legal Hold feature set, allowing post-hold data and content to be retained or removed as required.
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