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Coffee's Just a Click Away

The MugMouse

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Chances are you won't find this sold at your local Starbucks or McDonalds -- they've had enough trouble with hot, cross customers ending up with coffee 'tween their legs. I daresay you probably have to sign some sort of waiver before using this mouse/coffee mug hybrid. But the folks at SLOWEB aren't out to intentionally give you a steaming lapful of hot joe -- Quite the opposite. Their thought is that life is too fast paced. Therefore by using The MugMouse -- filled with your double shot latte espresso Americano deluxe -- you'll have no choice but to slow things down a bit.

Of course one can only hope that this gizmo is plug 'n' play -- otherwise it would be a real pain to have to reboot every time you plugged it back in after a coffee run.