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CMS Enhances BounceBack

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- CMS Products, Inc. (, a leader in data backup, disaster recovery and content management technologies, today announced the inclusion of an innovative new security feature within its BounceBack Professional Disaster Recovery Software.

BounceBack Professional soon will support the ability to uniquely identify hardware encrypted disk drives (FDE) connected externally to a system via USB. If an FDE drive is identified, BounceBack Professional will allow the user to set an ATA password on the external FDE drive that is consistent with the encoding and locking method supported within the ATA drive locking feature of the system’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

By providing ATA password support that can be recognized by the system BIOS, BounceBack Professional maintains its ability to provide bare metal recovery from a system drive failure while keeping the drive’s encryption characteristics and security access in place. This BIOS-compatible ATA password feature is expected to greatly enhance the adoption of hardware encrypted disk drives for use in external applications.

“Data encryption provided within the electronics of a disk drive is the wave of the future,” said Gary Streuter, Vice President of Marketing for CMS Products. “It is seamless to the user and provides the confidence that important data will not be compromised in the event that a computer or external disk drive is lost or stolen.”

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