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Classifiers Grab Search Partners

Scentric has become the latest data classification startup to join the Google Enterprise Professional program. The move highlights the growing synergy between search engines and data classifiers.

Kazeon, Mathon, and StoredIQ also have paid their $10,000 to join Google's program for integrating its Intranet search appliances with other vendors' wares. (See Content Classifiers Glom Onto Google.) The goal is to use the Google interface as the main enterprise portal for data organized by startups' tools for compliance, regulatory, and business purposes.

This means that for many IT managers, the purchase of a data classification product will also require investment in an enterprise search appliance. That could be pricey, considering that Google's Search Appliance starts at about $35,000, and most data classifiers at $50,000 or so.

It may be necessary to shell out the dough. Classification vendors need search engines for technical reasons. While most specialize in organizing and indexing data in granular ways, they don't all support the full roster of capabilities this may entail.

"There is a mutually beneficial relationship between search vendors and the classification and control vendors in the unstructured content space," notes analyst Brad O'Neill of the Taneja Group consultancy. "The search vendors get an OEM deal for their technology out of it and the emerging players in this space get access to a toolset that ... would be insane for the emerging classification players to build on their own."

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