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Ciena Qualified by EMC

LINTHICUM, Md. -- Ciena Corporation (NASDAQ: CIEN), the network specialist, today announced EMC® E-Lab™ qualification of its CN 4200™ FlexSelect™ Advanced Services Platform at 4G and 10G Fibre Channel capacities.

The EMC E-Lab conducts the industry's most rigorous, end-to-end interoperability testing, spanning every major platform and operating system, assuring customers the highest level of interoperability for multi-vendor networks. Ciena's CN 4200 is qualified to support EMC Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility (SRDF®) software, including SRDF/S, SRDF/A and SRDF/Star, EMC Open Replicator™ software and EMC MirrorView™ software over Fibre Channel connections at 4G and 10G capacity. It also is qualified with EMC Geographically Dispersed Disaster Restart (EMC GDDR) software.

Ciena's CN 4200 is a multiservice transport and aggregation solution that delivers cost-effective, flexible options for the extension of storage area networks, remote disk mirroring, remote back-up and other storage networking applications. The platform's FlexiPort technology offers the industry's only fully software-programmable optical port that eliminate the need to re-engineer the wide area network (WAN) each time a change is made to the IT infrastructure. All CN 4200 interface ports can be remotely configured and support any protocol on any interface, including SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Fibre Channel (FC), ESCON®/FICON® and video.

EMC E-Lab qualification of the CN 4200 at 4G and 10G capacity will support the resale of Ciena solutions through the EMC Select Program, which enables customers to purchase pre-tested products directly from EMC and its partners to complete storage infrastructure solutions. Ciena's award-winning CN 2000™ Storage and LAN Extension Platform is also offered through the EMC Select program.

"This qualification is another example of Ciena's commitment to providing enhanced value to our customers through the use of extended, integrated network solutions with leading vendors like EMC," said Paul Schoenau, senior product manager at Ciena. "With the EMC E-Lab qualification of CN 4200 for 4G and 10G Fibre Channel, we can help an even wider range of customers to implement the right business continuity and disaster recovery plan for their business."

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