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Chugging along

Thanks to James Lutter who pointed out that IE 6.0 users would encounter problems with the NWC Inc. web site.
We're using cookies to navigate through the site ( we store the customer id and first name of the customer ) and there were some issues with IE 6.0 evolving from a combination of hiding the site within a frame and not having a valid P3P policy available. So I've used a URL rewrite instead and added a P3P policy to the site and all appears to be well on IE 6.0.
Just don't bookmark the URL as it will be changing as soon as ChoiceOne routes our class C to us. Keep accessing via our blog and all will be peachy keen.

On the moving forward front, I've changed a few things to assist in the menu structure being dynamic and also got the shopping cart functionality working. Feel free to play around and fill up your cart. You can't check out yet, but that's coming soon.

Well, maybe not too soon... I will be enjoying a lengthy vacation starting on Monday so the updates may be less frequent. Will there be updates? Probably. Why? 'Cause deep down I'm still a code monkey and I'm having a great time building these applications.
Keep the suggestions and comments coming - they're helpful and we really love the feedback!