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Cereva Exec Churn Continues

Cereva Networks Inc. has hired a new vice president of operations, Larry Kellogg, in the latest management switcheroo at the Marlborough, Mass., storage startup.

It seems that Cereva CEO Mahesh Ganmukhi is trying to put the band back together -- assembling a group of trusted lieutenants hes worked with previously.

“Mahesh wants a team around him that he knows,” says an industry executive who requested anonymity.

A seasoned networking industry hand, Kellogg was most recently VP of manufacturing operations for Ellacoya Networks Inc., a broadband services switch startup. Kellogg knows Ganmukhi from when they both worked at Cascade Communications, which was subsequently bought by Ascend Communications before Ascend was itself sucked up by Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU).

Kellogg, who started at the company Nov. 19, replaces John Crossin, Cereva’s previous head of operations. Crossin departed “for personal reasons,” says Bruce MacDonald, Cereva’s director of corporate communications.

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