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CEO Minute: Computer Associates' Yogesh Gupta

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  • Question #1: Do you worry that SOA, though a hugely debated/discussed topic right now, will follow the same road as CORBA, which tried to provide essentially the same benefits, generating lots of buzz but in the end was largely ignored? If not, why?

  • Question #2: SOAs are often touted as a solution to building an agile, real-time enterprise but in practice, most SOA's are currently being implemented through the use of Web Services, which have inherent performance issues due to the compute intensive nature of XML parsing. Until this problem is solved, how do you respond to detractors of SOA who claim that the cost to implement well-performing, robust SOAs is just too high at this time due to the need to overcome XML parsing issues?

  • Question #3: Development/architecture paradigms have generally tended to run in ten year cycles. How long do you think SOA will be "the bomb" before it, too, is replaced by some newer technology or morphs into the next generation SOA? In other words, what do you foresee as the roadmap for SOA, two years and five years down the road?