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Is Brocade's SilkWorm Losing the Thread?: Page 2 of 3

Other evidence pointing to possible development problems at Brocade have cropped up in a couple of other contexts.

First, Brocade has declined to submit products for evaluation in Byte and Switch’s planned bench-marking test of 2-Gbit/s switches scheduled for the end of September. “The engineers tell me they just won’t be ready,” says David Newman, president of Network Test Inc., the bench-marking and network design firm managing the test.

Newman has been in negotiations with Brocade for several weeks in an effort to get them to participate. Two of Brocade’s competitors –- QLogic Corp. (Nasdaq: QLGC)
and Vixel Corp. (Nasdaq: VIXL) --
are already shipping 2-Gbit/s switches, and have agreed to participate in the test.

Of course, Brocade may consider it more important to get its first products into beta trials with OEMs. “If you are not a large OEM, you’re not going to get one,” says Laura Conigliaro, analyst with Goldman Sachs & Co.

Similarly, Brocade’s refusal to join a 2-Gbit/s developers' forum that launched this week (see QLogic Forms 2-Gig FC Group) “is not necessarily a sign of Brocade not having a product,” says Grosz. “It’s more the way it does business.” (Nice!)