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Brits Lack Trust

LONDON -- Four in five UK internet users admit to feeling unsafe sharing their mobile phone number via the contact areas of social networking sites such as; Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. Nearly 80% of all respondents in a recent survey stated they would not publicise their own number in this manner. The findings reveal the reason behind this growing trend of cautiousness - is the innate lack of trust relating specifically to the people within an individual's online social network.

Julian Saunders, CEO of said: "We know that people freely share their mobile numbers in the physical world. But, when it comes to doing so in the virtual world different factors come into play. It could be argued that the majority of people within our virtual communities are simply people we've either never met or perhaps just the once - and are not necessarily trusted acquaintances. This raises the question; would we have bothered to keep in touch if social networking hadn't gone mainstream?"

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