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Big Blue Launches Big Green

NEW YORK -- IBM stepped up its efforts around data center power and cooling today, unveiling a slew of new products and services and boasting $1 billion in energy initiatives. (See IBM Unveils Energy Plan and IBM Deploys 'Low Carb' IT.)

In scenes reminiscent of Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth, IBM execs talked up a storm about global warming, energy crises, and carbon footprints in a Manhattan theater. They also used the opportunity to push their virtualization and blade server agendas. (See UPMC Deploys IBM Virtualization, Virtually Secure, Blade, IBM Team, and Will Blades Cut Path for 10-Gig?)

With users wrestling with exploding demands for power and cooling, IBM is now looking to turn itself from "Big Blue" to "Big Green," boosting its revenues in the process. (See Summer Storage Survival and The Big Chill.)

That cute reference isn't ours. In "Project Big Green," the vendor is launching a set of services aimed at monitoring temperature, airflow, and overall energy efficiency within data centers. Also on offer is a new form of cooling technology. IBM execs claimed that these efforts could deliver energy savings of 42 percent in the average 25,000 square foot data center.

"Climate change [and] energy efficiency are top of mind these days," said Val Rahmani, general manager of IBM's infrastructure management services. "This energy crisis is not something abstract to us, it is something very real."

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