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BackupKey Adds Flash System

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Having recently introduced the small business backup equivalent of the holy grail with the BackupKey, the first ever plug-and-play, multi-PC backup system that requires no software or hardware configuration, Turnkey Technology Solutions is taking its concept to the home and home office with the BackupKey Flash. Utilizing the same innovative backup software as its larger capacity siblings, the BackupKey Flash is a USB flash drive-based backup solution aimed directly at home and home office users who own from one to four PCs. The 4 GB BackupKey Flash 4 retails for $99.95. The full BackupKey product line is available exclusively at

Despite the large number of backup products available on the market today, home and home office users are often the most careless about backing up the data on their computers,” comments Tom Fair, Turnkey’s CEO and the developer of BackupKey. “With the introduction of our incredibly easy to use 4 GB flash unit that sells for under $100, we’ve removed all barriers, including cost, to ensure that one’s personal and/or work data will be safe in the event of a PC meltdown or theft. And unlike other backup products, BackupKey is preconfigured to back up all of the data on a typical user’s computer – even the data that is hidden from the user.”

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