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Avinti Adds Threat Protection

LINDON, Utah -- Avinti, a developer of proactive e-mail security solutions, unveiled today iSolation Server 4.0, which includes new technology for Blended Threat Protection to block attacks using active content and URLs embedded in e-mail.

Hackers are increasingly using alternative attack vectors to breach corporate systems and blended threats are becoming a new tool of choice.
E-mail blended threats use active content such as Java, JavaScript, or ActiveX or embedding URLs in the e-mail to link the user to Web sites where malware can be downloaded in the background. These attacks are missed by anti-virus products looking for malware as e-mail attachments, and by Web- filters focused on content, not viruses and spyware.

"Our research team found that up to 40% of all e-mail contain URL links or active content, of which more than 7% link the user to Web sites where malware is downloaded to the user's system," said Avinti CEO William Kilmer "We believe the increased use of blended threats is a significant risk to organizations and Avinti's Blended Threat Protection for e-mail is a leap forward in preventing these types of attacks and their consequences."

"Blended threats are a growing concern because these high-level risks are being designed to bypass traditional anti-virus products and Web filters,"
said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, a leading analyst firm. "Avinti's proactive approach and its Blended Threat Protection offer a very effective solution because it doesn't rely on signatures or Web site reputation to be effective."

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