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Asigra Touts Managed Services

TORONTO -- AsigraTM today reveals how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can reduce their customers data storage costs and help them to comply with data retention laws with the deployment of Asigra’s Backup Lifecycle ManagementTM (BLMTM) storage solution. A case study of an SP’s provision of Asigra TelevaultingTM with BLM to a customer is included further below.

Asigra BLM manages data during all backup archiving processes, separating the data into varying levels of protected data: current critical data, which is permanently stored online for fast recovery; and archivable important data that may be needed at a later time but is not likely to be accessed in the near future. Backup data stored in an archive means it is not immediately retrievable like backup data stored online, but it is significantly more economical than storing it online.

According to Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra, “As every company’s digital data is growing at an increasing rate, companies are experiencing mounting storage costs, so they are looking for cheaper storage options for their less critical backup data. Asigra BLM allows our service providers to offer customers a lower cost service for archiving long-term backups, which can be quickly retrieved from the BLM archive back to the customer. BLM also allows service providers to help customers with their data compliance requirements, as BLM manages the movement of the different types of data as well as assigning dates for the final destruction of specific data, along with issuing destruction certificates.”

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