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Asempra Upgrades Biz Continuity Server

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Asempra Technologies, the leading provider of instant recovery solutions for Windows applications and data, today unveiled the latest version of its Business Continuity Server (BCS), adding instant recovery of real-time SQL databases among many other new capabilities, ensuring that customers’ mission critical applications and revenue streams stay highly-available following a system failure.

Asempra’s new BCS 3.0 is an instant recovery product optimized to quickly bring a business back online after local outages or disaster. With instant recovery for SQL databases, the BCS 3.0 reduces recovery time from hours or days typically required to restore a multi-terabyte SQL database to as little as 30 seconds. Leveraging Asempra’s Virtual-On-Demand Recovery™ technology, Asempra enables critical 24/7 applications to be recovered and on-line in a matter of seconds while the full database is restored transparently in the background, eliminating downtime, data loss and lost revenue. To date most SQL database administrators have had to resort to a time-consuming manual process for creating recovery points.

Irving, TX-based CONEXIS, one of the country’s largest providers of employee benefits administration services, depends on the Asempra BCS to protect its SQL databases, and its profits. “Our primary application has an SQL database backend, and the application doesn’t work if the database isn’t available,” said Kenya McDaniel, Infrastructure Manager at CONEXIS. “When you’re dependant on your application to make money and you can’t get your data back within 10 minutes or so you’re in deep trouble and there’s no telling how much money you’ve lost. We have several databases and all of them are being protected by Asempra.”

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