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Arxan Announces Key Hiding

BETHESDA, Md. -- Arxan Technologies, a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software from tampering and piracy, today announced the launch of its new patent-pending cryptographic key protection technology, TransformIT . Today cryptography and PKI form the cornerstones of information security. The effectiveness of these cryptographic routines in turn depends on the secrecy and integrity of keys. TransformIT enhances software security by preventing tampering and hacking attacks that target keys used within software applications -- thereby preventing content, data and revenue loss.

Secret keys are used across many industries for various purposes including encryption, authentication and node-locking. In the digital media market, loss of first-level keys allows piracy of software or media titles. As deeper-level, system-critical keys are exploited, entire platforms become susceptible to widespread piracy allowing hackers to instantaneously rip media libraries or unlock subsidized devices. Similarly, public and private keys are used to protect enterprise applications and any related data. In addition to unauthorized access, malware insertion, data leakage and system level exploits can result in entire platforms becoming vulnerable - allowing hackers to instantaneously snoop on enterprise-wide systems such as mobile and e-banking transactions or VoIP communications.

Encryption is widely used to prevent unauthorized access to data and information systems, and digital IP, against piracy and theft

"Encryption is widely used to prevent unauthorized access to data and information systems, and digital IP, against piracy and theft," said Diana Kelley, Partner at SecurityCurve. "However, one critical point of failure in such systems is the instance at which the key is revealed and used. This point is identifiable through signature patterns and cryptographic routines. Once found, they direct an attacker straight to where the keys will typically be constructed in memory. Subsequently, fatal exploits can be created and used."

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