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Array Networks Releases LAN-to-LAN SSL VPN at RSA

Array Networks has launched a beta version of a product the vendor is touting as the first true site-to-site SSL VPN.

Announced at the RSA security conference in San Francisco this week, Array's Site2Site SSL VPN solution includes a feature called Resource Publishing, which businesses can use to establish an encrypted, two-way connection on demand over any IP network via SSL tunnels. Resource Publishing lets businesses "publish" particular network resources at one location--such as applications, network segments, or printers and other peripherals--to other peer sites for limited access by select users.

This is a big step forward--Site2Site might be the first commercial offering of a LAN-to-LAN SSL VPN gateway. You get the benefit of a LAN-to-LAN VPN without the hassles of setting up IPsec and having to enable NAT traversal and the like. The only open-source product I know of like this is OpenVPN.

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