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Apple's New iTunes Update Fails To Fix Windows Vista Problems

Apple's latest update to the PC-version of its iTunes music software fails to address a number of compatibility issues with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, Apple concedes.

In a bulletin posted Monday on its Web site, Apple said the new iTunes 7.1 software fixes a number of unspecified Windows Vista-compatibility issues but leaves several potentially major problems unresolved. "Apple is actively working with Microsoft to resolve a few remaining known issues," the bulletin states.

In the meantime, iTunes users wishing to run the software on Microsoft's newest operating system still need to be aware of some serious glitches, Apple states. Among them: Ejecting an Apple iPod digital music player from a PC by using Vista's "Safely Eject Hardware" feature may result in corruption of the iPod.

Apple says users need to be sure and select the "Eject iPod" button from within iTunes to disconnect their iPod from a Vista PC.

Apple also warns that iTunes 7.1 may incorrectly display text and graphics when running on Windows Vista-equipped desktop or laptop. Additionally, contacts from the Windows Address Book may not correctly synch with an iPod. Finally, Apple warns that iTunes remains completely unsupported on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.