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Apple Dumps iBook, Unveils 13-inch MacBook

Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday finished its shift to Intel processors in its portable line as it introduced a trio of MacBook models that replace the aged PowerPC-based iBook.

The new MacBook -- available in both white and black -- is powered by Intel's Core Duo chip, sports a 13.3-inch screen, and like the bigger MacBook Pro, is equipped with a built-in Web camera. Unlike the brawnier Pro, however, the MacBook lacks a dedicated graphics processor; instead, it relies on the Intel chipset's integrated graphics engine and takes a portion of system memory for graphics RAM.

Priced between $1,099 and $1,499, the MacBook replaces the consumer-oriented iBook (which was priced starting at $999) and the business-style 12-inch PowerBook G4. Those notebooks have been removed from Apple's online store.

The black-coated MacBook is essentially a slightly upgraded white-case model (it sports an 80GB hard drive rather than a 60GB unit), but costs $200 more.

Also Tuesday, Apple swapped faster processors in its MacBook Pro line-up, dropping the 1.83MHz Core Duo and replacing it with a 2.0GHz processor in the lowest-priced $1,999 Pro. The $2,499 model's CPU was bumped up from 2.0GHz to 2.16GHz. All MacBook Pro models can now also be ordered with a glossy widescreen 15- or 17-inch display at no extra charge.

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