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And the Winner Is...

The stars will shine brightly when the red carpet rolls out for this Sunday's Academy Awards. But we think something's missing.

Why should Hollywood get all the glamor and glitz? The world of storage networking's every bit as exciting (from our viewpoint, at least). Expecially when you're talking films about ancient history and aging royalty.

So, in the spirit of this 79th Oscar weekend, we at Byte and Switch offer our unique take on the industry we know and love. Got your own nominees? Hit the message board below or write to us at [email protected].


Best actor in CEO role: EMC's Joe Tucci, for his artful distinction between the terms "spinoff" and "spin-out" during an RSA press conference -- the day before announcing the float of 10 percent of VMware. Famous last words: "Pay close attention that I'm picking my words carefully." Duly noted, Joe! (See VMware to Spin Out.)

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