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AMUST eCondom

Originally Published on Desktop Pipeline

"From Russia with love" perhaps describes the recent products from AMUST Software in St. Petersburg. Since their impressive Registry Cleaner that I reviewed in August, they've been nimbler that Microsoft at helping us practice safe Internet. Their latest offering is a free utility, eCondom. (That's the product name -- really.)

Here's the deal. Like others, I plead guilty to too often jumping onto the Net using an administrator account rather than a safer user account for any of a number of reasons: time pressure, inadvertence, an unwise decision, or downright laziness. The next release of Windows, Vista, is expected to address such recklessness through a Microsoft Internet Explorer Protected Mode. But until you can run Vista you can get a similar level of protection by using eCondom. (You must be running Windows XP.)

Holding my breath, I launched eCondom and Internet Explorer, then visited some of the most malware-infected sites. During my browsing and afterward, I found no traces of malware gremlins or attempted hijinks. That's especially impressive for a free product.

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