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Ammasso Amasses $7.5M

Data center startup Ammasso Inc. has chalked up a $7.5 million add-on to its first-round funding as it attempts to spread its RDMA-over-Ethernet story.

The money comes from existing investors Prism Venture Partners, Inflection Point Ventures, Velocity Equity Partners, and CDP Capital Technology Ventures. The cash tops up Ammasso’s $10 million Series A round, which was completed in April 2003.

Ammasso’s focus is Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Ethernet. The Boston-based firm’s flagship product is its 1100 server adapter, which enables data to move directly from the memory of one server to another, without using the machines’ operating systems. Because this reduces CPU usage, the startup is touting the technology as an efficient, high-speed option for high-performance computing, or HPC (see Ammasso Releases New Server Adapter).

The company’s main competition at the moment comes from makers of InfiniBand and other high-speed interconnect technologies, including Myrinet from Myricom Inc., according to Ammasso execs.

Ammasso will use the new money to start building out both its sales and marketing efforts and its channel strategy, says Alan Litchfield, the company’s CEO. Among the company’s 40-strong workforce, there are currently only five salespeople and a single marketing person. “I would expect to double that by the first part of next year,” he adds.

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