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Agami Announces NAS

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- agmi Systems, an industry leader in delivering enterprise NAS systems with live file system replication, breakthrough operational performance and TCO, recently announced the next generation agámi Information Server.

The latest agámi Information Server (AIS) will include support for iSCSI to enable the consolidation of different forms of business data on a single storage platform with industry-leading performance levels that offer 3-5X more throughput than competing IP SAN systems, advanced enterprise storage management capabilities and advanced data protection offerings for iSCSI applications.

By enabling customers to manage and consolidate file and block-level data on one high-performance platform, agámi is set to take advantage of the growing momentum around iSCSI. A recently released research report from ESG Research, iSCSI Enters the Mainstream, found that iSCSI adoption is in the early mainstream, that early adopters are extremely satisfied with their iSCSI SANs, that lower costs and ease of management are driving iSCSI adoption and that the number of planned adopters is increasing at a rapid rate.

Additionally, by taking advantage of the fact iSCSI is implemented in agámi Systems’ NAS framework, the AIS delivers all the benefits of iSCSI without the SAN complexity and a higher degree of virtualization to simplify storage management. The new hybrid solution leverages agámi’s file system strengths to enable snapshots, replication & high-availability of block-level data.

“The combination of iSCSI and NAS is smart and valuable,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Sharing the same network infrastructure for both block and file data enables end users to leverage their IT investment, simplify their environments, reduce capital and operational costs. According to our research, end users with NAS want to use it for file sharing and iSCSI for database and email applications. agámi provides a high performance, easy-to-use, scalable storage solution that enables customers to consolidate storage and provide centralized data protection.”

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