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Adaptec, Open-E Agree

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Open-E integrates Adaptec's Remote Access Service in its storage operating systems for Open-E DSS, Open-E NAS-R3 and Open-E iSCSI-R3. Customers can manage full RAID-Configuration via remote access. This is the main result of an extensive collaboration for both innovative Storage Companies today.

Customers benefit from easy RAID management functions that can be done remotely instead of locally at the storage server. Administrators are able to configure nearly all functions of the storage operating system over a web interface. But for the RAID-Configuration it was still necessary to work directly at the server. With remote access function for the Adaptec Storage Manager this provides additional flexibility.

The solutions from Open-E and Adaptec work perfect for business critical applications like databases, web applications, Exchange hosting or server virtualization. Thanks to top-performance, ease of use and flexible configurations-options, customers receive an All-around-No-Worry-Package.

We are very glad about the cooperation, describes Krzysztof Franek,
and President of Open-E GmbH. The Adaptec Unified Serial (SATA/SAS) controllers are among the top hardware components that we want to support best with our operating systems. Suresh Panikar, director of branded products marketing for Adaptec, said: "This collaboration is a part of Adaptec's ongoing commitment to ensure compatibility and interoperability with key software vendors.

Open-E GmbH

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