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Adaptec Faces Board Coup

Adaptec faces a board coup that could dramatically change the company.

A hedge fund named Steel Partners, based in New York, has become increasingly aggressive in its moves to revamp Adaptec. General Partner Warren G. Lichtenstein has acquired 13.8 percent of Adaptec's common stock and is pushing the company to replace five outgoing directors with his own men.

Steel Partners plans to unseat the existing board during Adaptec's annual shareholder meeting.

In an SEC filing dated June 25, lawyers for Lichtenstein indicate they'll nominate Jack L. Howard, John J. Quicke, John Mutch, Howard M. Leitner, and Anthony Bergamo -- all partners of Lichtenstein in a separate Steel Partners entity -- to take over five of the eight board positions that will be up for election at Adaptec's next shareholder meeting.

Further, if Adaptec's board opts to increase the number of open positions, Steel Partners will respond with more nominees.

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