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Acopia Unveils Software

LOWELL, Mass. -- Acopia Networks, the leader in high-performance, intelligent file virtualization, today announced the availability of its FreedomFabric™ V2.5 network operating system software. With the release, Acopia continues to lead the market by offering the industry's first network-based, open, extensible, and massively scalable intelligent virtualization software, providing enterprise customers with a comprehensive set of network-based, file management services.

"Acopia offers freedom of choice, plain and simple," said Christopher Lynch, president and CEO, Acopia. "Our customers are free to let their business requirements alone dictate the most appropriate storage technology for a given set of data. Customers love the fact that our powerful value proposition allows them to take advantage of the rapidly falling price of open storage while providing heterogeneous, real-time, automated data management. With this release, we are taking our offerings to the next level of value. Acopia's FreedomFabric network operating system is the industry's first and only independent, enterprise-class, intelligent file virtualization software. With this announcement we are further aligning our offerings with the best interests of our customers."

Powered by FreedomFabric V2.5 software, Acopia's ARX™ systems create powerful, easy to manage, virtualized environments comprised of popular file servers and network attached storage devices. No longer locked into high priced, proprietary technology, Acopia's enterprise customers enjoy revolutionary freedom to choose the best and most appropriate storage devices based solely on their business needs.

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