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Accenture Roadmap Points to Storage Changes

Every five years, Kishore Swaminathan, chief scientist at global services outfit Accenture, confers with colleagues on the key factors driving IT for the next three to five years. These are the trends the firm will use to guide product and service investments, marketing, training, and other activities.

This year's findings have a number of implications for storage managers -- and the higher up you are, the more you'll be affected.

"Broadly, the conclusions are that the role of the CIO is about to change fairly dramatically," says Swaminathan.

Figure 1:

Kishore Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, Accenture

Indeed, Accenture predicts a shakeup in IT that could profoundly change the nature of jobs in and around the data center. To understand what's predicted requires a look at the eight top trends Accenture has defined. Following, in no particular order, are the factors Swaminathan says will shape IT for the next five years, along with the impact they'll have on the CIO's job and the implications for storage networking:

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