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2003 Survivor's Guide to Mobile and Wireless

Here's the good news. We believe that many senior managers--the ones who sign off on big technology initiatives--will respond favorably to well-conceived mobile and wireless projects thanks to their personal experiences. Your job is to identify the most promising technologies and deploy them at the right time.

Security Concerns

The WLAN market, estimated by Gartner to be a $1.78 billion market worldwide in 2001, continued its torrid growth in 2002 despite a weak economy. But it could have been even hotter were it not for widespread security concerns. In the post-9/11 world, it's no surprise that security concerns are at the root of nearly every new business initiative, and in the mobile and wireless market, it's an ever more serious problem. One reason is that today's generation of security standards represents a sorry state of affairs. It's no surprise that security concerns are cited as the No. 1 obstacle to wireless technology implementations.

A second problem is that the effective wireless security solutions that do exist are complex, for both the users who have to deal with them and the IT professionals who must implement and manage them. Everyone's in search of a silver bullet, and it's nowhere to be found.

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