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Be My Valentine: 8 Ways IT Pros Feel the Love From End Users

  • It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. The birds are chirping a little more sweetly, flowers are a little more colorful, and stores everywhere are stocked with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. With this in mind, we at SolarWinds wanted to find out if those of you in the IT trenches are also feeling the love from end users, or if like a Shakespearean tragedy, you’re more like star-crossed lovers.

    So, we asked our Thwack community of more than 150,000 IT professionals, “What’s the most impressive thing end users have done for you to express their gratitude for your amazing labors of love?” Here we share a few of their stories through memes that express just how much the old adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds true for end users and IT pros alike. End users expressed their gratitude to those who solved their IT problems with sweet treats, gift cards, and more.

    If you’re an IT pro, hopefully these stories will buoy your spirits and show you that yes indeed, IT pros are loved and appreciated. And if you’re not an IT pro, this is a good reminder of just how valuable your IT department is and that just maybe you should go a little out of your way this Valentine’s Day to show your IT team some appreciation.

  • The cookie caper

    Who doesnt like to receive a nice plate of fresh-baked cookies? One Thwack member described a time he received just such a gift, but there was a twist. I was working in IT at my college and a user with a paper to write came in, but [her computer] was infected. I didn't have anything else to do, so I took her computer and began to clean it," he said. "Several Trojans, search providers, and one root kit later, I had it cleaned. To show her gratitude, the student baked a plate of cookies.

    The next day, there was a plate full of crumbs and a thank you card addressed to me and the rest of the IT department," the Thwack member said. "I was disappointed I had not been able to eat any, but my boss caught the other workers who did eat them on camera. Plus, being diabetic, I really didnt mind. I wrote her back thanking her for the cookies and the time she took to make them and the card.

  • Java, java, and more java

    If theres one thing end users know about IT pros, its that you love your coffee. After all, how else would you make it through those long nights doing scheduled (and often unscheduled) maintenance? Many community members reported that they had felt the love of end users in the form of freshly delivered hot cups of caffeinated black (or light and sweet) gold. In fact, one perhaps a little too emphatically exclaimed, I once had an end user give me coffee. That was exciting! Another claims he was the talk of the office after he received a nice coffee mug in appreciation of his work.

  • Dinner for two

    What better way to show love than by treating someone to dinner? A few of the IT pros we talked to have received gratitude from end users and executive managers in the form of dinners and other meals. In true Ron Swanson fashion, one said he and his wife were treated to dinner for two at a high-end steak house.

  • Chocolate: 'nuff said

    Chocolate and Valentines Day go together like help desk tickets and the IT department: You cant have one without the other! One Thwack member explained, The most impressive thing around here is that we have a whole office that chips in and sends us chocolates from Hawaii every year.

  • Gift cards always appreciated

    Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts to give when you just cant take the pressure of screwing it up. They say the best part of gifts is the satisfaction of giving, but you can forget that should you end up giving the wrong gift. With that in mind, several community members we asked said they have received gift cards from happy end users. In fact, one received nearly $300 worth!

  • Corporate recognition

    Some of the IT pros we talked to have received recognition from their organizations. Whether these were common honors like employee of the month or more unique awards, they almost all resulted from satisfied end users making the case for why their IT pro should get recognized.

  • Thank you! Come again

    While it might not be an actual gift, many IT pros -- especially contractors and consultants -- said they felt the love from end users who come back to them time and time again. As one put it, The biggest compliment is repeat business. And another didnt even need to wait for his next PO; after exceeding expectations for a customer he was amply rewarded. Due to my quick response, fast and courteous manner, and honest quote, I was told by the customer to double my hourly labor rate and that I was to quote a minimum of 80 labor hours," he said.

  • We all need to feel the love

    Sometimes, as in many a bards tale, IT pros are the victims of unrequited love. You love your work and helping others, but you dont always hear appreciation from those you work so hard for. In the end, even if you dont get gift cards or steak dinners, you still need to know that youre loved. So, on behalf of all your end users, we at SolarWinds say thank you for all you do. Happy Valentines Day!