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IBM Pulse 2013: Lessons Learned

Three compelling themes emerged from IBM’s annual gathering: the continued diffusion of the data center, the need for open cloud standards and the rise of data-driven IT intelligence.

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Symantec 4.0: A New Strategy

Symantec has announced a new initiative, Symantec 4.0, that will revise both its product and corporate strategies. We'll look at what it means for the company and its customers.

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Gamification Goes To College

EdX, the online learning platform, uses gamification to facilitate learning. Gamification may transform how this emerging market attracts and motivates students, and could have lessons for IT as well.

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EMC's Storage Strategy

The rise of non-structured data and the demand for flash-based storage have rattled the storage market. I’ll look at how EMC has responded to these trends.

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A Holiday Wish: Smart Books

We've only scratched the potential of e-books when it comes to reader engagement. Here's a wish list for developers and publishers on how to expand the capabilities of e-books to improve learning.

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The Rise of Data-Driven Intelligence

An emerging concept called data-driven intelligence is a model for a new perspective on gathering insight from a vast pool of data. I’ll contrast data-driven intelligence with more familiar application-driven intelligence models.

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DataCore's Storage Hypervisor: An Overview

DataCore's SANsymphony-V software provides a host of storage features, including auto-tiering, replication, and the ability to remove physical disks without disruption, that can be run on a variety of storage hardware.

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Shall We Play a Game?

Gamification is moving from the consumer Web into the enterprise as employers seek to influence employee behavior. Startups such as Badgeville are ready to play.

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The Role of Storage in IBM’s New PureSystems

In the PureSystems launch, we saw the opening salvo in IBM’s use of expert integrated systems to reduce IT complexity and reduce costs. PureSystems strengthens an already strong bond between the company’s system "horse," which does the CPU pulling, and the storage "carriage," which carries the information payload.

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Virsto’s Storage Hypervisor Enables Storage to Play Nicely with Server Virtualization

On the whole, server virtualization has been a blessing due to physical machine to logical machine consolidation that leads to better system and CPU utilization and attendant improved IT cost economics. But servers are only part of broader interlocked “systems” of hardware components (including networks and storage) and software (including operating systems and applications) that must work in harmony together. And any change in one component (in...

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WWPass: Only The Just May Pass the Authentication Test

Security has many facets, but the one that is most familiar is the username/password authentication process that allows users to login to a protected application or Website. For some, that may simply seem to be an inconvenience, but the authentication process helps reduce possible security exposures.

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