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No Detente In Sight

VMware and Citrix have been stepping on each other's toes. A bunch. Will they meet somewhere in the middle, or are they shooting for winner takes all?

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vThere: A Fine Model Mashup

Sentillion saw a business opportunity, talked to its customers, and mashed up a novel solution to a problem that already had a couple of "answers."...

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Another Monday

Today was one of those days that makes you wonder 'just how may PR firms are working the virtualization sector?'

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No iSCSI Love From Apple

I'm not ready to drop $200 for a Leopard-friendly iSCSI initiator for the test lab. Aside from writing our own it looks like Atto Technology's Xtend SAN is the only game in town.

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Virtualization Blogging For Fun And Profit

I???ve had a number of recent requests for additional virtualization sites and resources. While I???m reluctant to admit that one might need to find valuable info outside of Network Computing or InformationWeek, read on to find my favorite bloggers and vendor sites on the topic.

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Parallels Server Public Beta

Mac admins rejoice. Others may want to read, too. SWSoft/Parallels has just released the first virtualization platform for hosting Mac OS on Apple/Intel hardware. Yes, it does Windows, too. Oh, and it runs on non-Apple hardware, with a catch.

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Management Issues, CA-Style

CA's design goals for an ASM-managed ESX shop? How about dynamic resource brokering per host to optimize application performance, holding VMotioning as a last resort rather than a first step. Oh, and reducing the menial workload for high-cost VM talent in your IT shop.

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Virtualization... How 'Bout Them Apples?

Apple relaxes licensing language on Leopard Server to permit virtualized instances, Leopard runs VMware Fusion on Intel, MS Virtual PC on PPC chips. The future for Mac Virtualization looks bright for those who care.

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More Fun With Freeware

For those of you who read my last blog post, virtualization wasn???t the problem. You may recall my minor tiff with vendor support over a building maintenance system. The support tech was stonewalling problem resolution ???til we ran their SW...

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