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Joe Hernick is in his seventh year as director of academic technology at Suffield Academy, where he teaches, sits on the Academic Committee, provides faculty training and is a general proponent of information literacy. He was formerly the director of IT and computer studies chair at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT, and spent 10 years in the insurance industry as a director and program manager at CIGNA.

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Your Dedupe Sweet Spot

Running out of storage space? Running out of money? I feel for ya, buddy. Most of us are in a rough spot in the real world looking for a place to cram all our stuff; half the programming on cable channels seems to be about folks de-cluttering their homes, getting rid of stuff they don't need and culling the crap they do keep (10 teddy bears gone-hubby gets to retain one childhood keepsake... belt-buckle collection sold at garage sale- wife gets...

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Symantec Buying AppStream

The biggest news out of ManageFusion so far? Symantec bought AppStream last night & is rolling 'em into the newly formed 'Endpoint Virtualization' group.

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VM Sprawl?

We all know how it starts. You said, 'sure, just this once.' Someone said, 'psst, buddy, try this out.'

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Cradle To Grave, Baby

Virtual Center can support 200 hosts and 2,000 VMs. VMware's new Lifecycle Manager offers hope to automate and track those thousands of containers...

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VMware To Double R&D Presence In India

VMware's Bangalore engineering office to grow to 1,000+ in two years. Add in 200 or so other sales and support employees, 160 channel partners, university partnerships and many customers across India to look at the big picture.

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Liquid Computing Wants To Virtualize Everything

I've been digging into I/O virtualization lately and ended up speaking with some folks who want to virtualize everything. Everything. Data I/O. Network. Entire physical servers. Liquid Computing is hoping to be the next major disruption in the force.

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8 Gb FC, Qlogic, HP, And VM I/O

I've spent the better part of the last week reconfiguring gear in the virtualization test lab, getting reacquainted with machine specs and idiosyncrasies. We have a variety of servers connected to a Dell, nee EqualLogic, iSCSI SAN. Half of our HP servers and one Xserve also have 2 Gb Fibre Channel HBAs, unused since we lost our FC SAN. Remember when those 2 Gb FC connections seemed zippy? 4 Gb HBAs have been on the market for a couple years, and...

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Novell On Virtualization

Novell's Richard Whitehead and I sat down to a lively discussion on the trials and tribulations of VM management. Whitehead was good enough to remind me of Novell's open source chops on SUSE and Xen...

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October in London?

So you liked trekking to Cannes for VMworld? Pony up for autumn in the U.K. to attend the vendor-independent "Virtualization Congress."

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VMworld Wrap

VMworld Europe offered a bunch o' news. I/O is big. IOV is getting bigger. VMware and others came out strong on systems management and security tools. I guess they have been listening to their customers.

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Does WebOS = Virtualization?

An Indy-based independent consultant I know turned me on to Stoneware, makers of a webOS, not the heavy stuff your mother-in-law collects. Will they break into the desktop virt market?

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CA Surveys 300 IT Execs

Last fall CA hit up IT management at shops earning $250M+ revenue to check the pulse of virtualization. 300 professionals from the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Korea replied. They're sharing the goods.

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