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Your Dedupe Sweet Spot

Running out of storage space? Running out of money? I feel for ya, buddy. Most of us are in a rough spot in the real world looking for a place to cram all our stuff; half the programming on cable channels seems to be about folks de-cluttering their homes, getting rid of stuff they don't need and culling the crap they do keep (10 teddy bears gone-hubby gets to retain one childhood keepsake... belt-buckle collection sold at garage sale- wife gets...

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Symantec Buying AppStream

The biggest news out of ManageFusion so far? Symantec bought AppStream last night & is rolling 'em into the newly formed 'Endpoint Virtualization' group.

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VM Sprawl?

We all know how it starts. You said, 'sure, just this once.' Someone said, 'psst, buddy, try this out.'

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Cradle To Grave, Baby

Virtual Center can support 200 hosts and 2,000 VMs. VMware's new Lifecycle Manager offers hope to automate and track those thousands of containers...

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VMware To Double R&D Presence In India

VMware's Bangalore engineering office to grow to 1,000+ in two years. Add in 200 or so other sales and support employees, 160 channel partners, university partnerships and many customers across India to look at the big picture.

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Liquid Computing Wants To Virtualize Everything

I've been digging into I/O virtualization lately and ended up speaking with some folks who want to virtualize everything. Everything. Data I/O. Network. Entire physical servers. Liquid Computing is hoping to be the next major disruption in the force.

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8 Gb FC, Qlogic, HP, And VM I/O

I've spent the better part of the last week reconfiguring gear in the virtualization test lab, getting reacquainted with machine specs and idiosyncrasies. We have a variety of servers connected to a Dell, nee EqualLogic, iSCSI SAN. Half of our HP servers and one Xserve also have 2 Gb Fibre Channel HBAs, unused since we lost our FC SAN. Remember when those 2 Gb FC connections seemed zippy? 4 Gb HBAs have been on the market for a couple years, and...

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Novell On Virtualization

Novell's Richard Whitehead and I sat down to a lively discussion on the trials and tribulations of VM management. Whitehead was good enough to remind me of Novell's open source chops on SUSE and Xen...

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October in London?

So you liked trekking to Cannes for VMworld? Pony up for autumn in the U.K. to attend the vendor-independent "Virtualization Congress."

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VMworld Wrap

VMworld Europe offered a bunch o' news. I/O is big. IOV is getting bigger. VMware and others came out strong on systems management and security tools. I guess they have been listening to their customers.

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Does WebOS = Virtualization?

An Indy-based independent consultant I know turned me on to Stoneware, makers of a webOS, not the heavy stuff your mother-in-law collects. Will they break into the desktop virt market?

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CA Surveys 300 IT Execs

Last fall CA hit up IT management at shops earning $250M+ revenue to check the pulse of virtualization. 300 professionals from the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Korea replied. They're sharing the goods.

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