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Brian Gracely on Containers in the Enterprise

Hear how containers are moving into the enterprise, the challenges of putting them into production, and the best ways to learn about container technologies. Brian Gracely is director of product strategy for Red Hat OpenShift and co-host of The Cloudcast and The ServerlessCast. 

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Scott Lowe on Getting Started with Network Automation

Learn why network automation is so crucial for the careers of networking and infrastructure professionals, and why you don't need to learn to code to effectively use automation. Scott Lowe is a well-known author, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. He's currently an engineering architect on the NSX team at VMware.

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DevOps Equals Happiness

Research has shown that organizations heading toward DevOps maturity have employees who report they are more engaged and happier with their work. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire, explores how DevOps can connect workers more directly to business outcomes, leading to increased job and customer satisfaction. You can hear more about DevOps from Josh at Interop ITX in May, where he will present...

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Support For Ops Speeds DevOps Progress

In the pursuit of DevOps, organizations often experience temporary growing pains, resulting in increased deployment problems and outages, according to Puppet's State of DevOps report. But as operations teams become more familiar with the tools used and identify issues, they can support more rapid deployment schedules with better quality and fewer outages. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire,...

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