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Michele Chubirka, also known as Mrs. Y, is a recovering Unix engineer with a focus on network security. She likes long walks in hubsites, traveling to security conferences, and spending extended hours in the Bat Cave. She believes every problem can be solved with a "for" loop. She also hosts a podcast called Healthy Paranoia, a security feed of Packetpushers. You can find her blogs and podcasts at or When not blogging or podcasting, she can be found using up her 15 minutes in the Twittersphere or Google+ as @MrsYisWhy.

Articles by Michele Chubirka

Evolution Of The WLAN Controller

Wireless controllers provide centralized management, but can introduce performance bottlenecks. WLAN architecture has evolved to include distributed models with increased flexibility and hybrid models, blending the best of both worlds.

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Women in IT: Suffer Silently Or Be The Bitch?

Do we need anti-harassment policies to protect women and other minorities in IT? Unfortunately, yes. But the most successful STEM women are those who ignore their detractors and risk being labeled a "bitch," confronting challenges head-on.

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The Return Of The IT Generalist

Specialization has been rampant in the IT profession, but virtualization, cloud computing and SDN defy organizational divisions and may usher in a new generation of IT generalists.

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Security Snake Oil for Sale

Traditional security systems aren't doing much to help us manage risk, but we keep buying them. Is it the vendors' fault or ours? And are there better ideas we should explore?

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