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Windows Server 2008: A WAN Op Strategy

Bluecoat, Citrix, F5, Riverbed and other similar vendors all offer highly functional and well performing WAN Optimization appliances. Unfortunately, those high-end solutions can be either overkill or over budget for some organizations. So, instead of buying the whole pizza, why not try a slice first?

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Get Ready For The Impact Of 2048-bit RSA Keys

If you've had to renew an SSL certificate for any of your critical infrastructure delivery devices recently, then you probably took notice of the need to generate and deliver at least a 2048-bit CSR to your Certificate Authority of choice. While this new standard may have little impact on you, for others the impact may be huge.

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SMB Storage Replication: Acceleration VS More Bandwidth

With the cost of secondary storage and bandwidth plummeting, does it really make sense to invest in expensive acceleration solutions to service your storage replication needs? Faced with tight capital budgets, small organizations in particular should consider a "backward thinking" approach. Today, you can get 5TB of Amazon S3 storage for $150/month, and for another $100, you can get a nice fat business class internet pipe to ship your storage...

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Ready For Open Source WAN Acceleration?

Open-source products have always had a place in enterprise IT. Administrators and engineers usually have some open source tools around, whether on production systems, in a test and dev lab, or in an skunk works playground where folks can knock around ideas and try new things. Consider how open-source alternatives have reshaped the Network Management System (NMS) space. Not so long ago, if you wanted to get a taste of a truly robust enterprise...

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Embracing Virtual WAN Acceleration

Almost every major WAN Acceleration vendor has jumped in on the virtual appliance bandwagon. The question is, are you ready to give up that shiny new appliance with your vendor's logo and replace it with just another boring server you have kicking around your data center? Let's face it, when you buy a Citrix NetScaler or a Bluecoat Proxy SG for WAN Optimization, you're really making an investment in a software solution.

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Metering Social Networking Sites At The Gateway

Most managers have no problem with a little internet frivolity during business hours. A personal E-mail here and a Facebook posting there can't possibly interfere with productivity on any measurable scale, right? Then there's "that guy." You know him, the guy who is on Facebook all day long. The guy who's connected with everyone on LinkedIn. The guy who tweets every detail of his day to the world. In other words, the guy who ruins everything...

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Default Passwords Can Kill You

It's been widely reported that Czech security experts recently uncovered a large botnet that exploited the weak and default passwords of many broadband routers and DSL/Cable modems. The impact? DNS redirects to malware sites, DDoS attacks and data leakage for many unsuspecting broadband users. Don't let this happen to externally-facing gear in your datacenter. There are a couple of easy and free ways to pen test your network.

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WAN Link Aggregation

Is the high cost of bandwidth from Tier-1 providers crushing your operating budget? Fight back with some value engineering in the form of WAN Link Aggregation. It wasn't that long ago that I was shopping for a 10Mbit internet pipe for a small company in a well wired urban center. I had a budget that I thought was relatively fair in order to acquire the bandwidth I needed. Boy, was I wrong. I got a few budget busting quotes back that were simply...

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E-Mail Encryption Goes Mainstream

Fess up, have you ever emailed your credit card number or Social Security number to a friend, family member, or even to a third party? I have, and yes, I was a bonehead for doing it. In the business world, you need to make sure your employees aren't doing it either. Why should you care? New state mandated data privacy regulations are changing the rules of the game when it comes to emailing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in cyberspace...

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Will Desktop Virtualization Break-Out In 2010?

We've been covering Desktop Virtualization ad nauseam at Network Computing and for good reason. As a technology, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has the potential to change the way we deliver an operating environment to our users. Unfortunately, broad acceptance of VDI has been hampered by vendors' inability to stream graphically intensive apps over remote viewing protocols like RDP, ICA, and others. If the lofty promises of the leaders in...

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Extreme Catching Up On Enterprise WiFi

The switching business is tough, and Extreme Networks has faced its share of hard times recently. With the departure of CEO Mark Canepa in late October and with the announcement of a sizable layoff, it would be easy to assume that Extreme Networks has lost momentum against the big players like Cisco and Juniper, but Extreme is far from down and out. Read on to hear about some interesting news with respect to Extreme's enterprise WiFi strategy.

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Backup Adminstrators' Best Practices

A peer of mine at another organization is stuck in a time warp. Every day at 5PM he must shuffle tapes back and forth, deal with long back-up windows and deal with restore issues due to the complexity of his environment. If you're not adapting your backup strategy to the times, you're putting your organization at risk.

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