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Metro Wi-Fi: RIP?

Rapid technology evolution and economies of scale argue against municipalities as wireless service providers. As for metro Wi-Fi, I think the future is clear. It's the wrong technology for the job.

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Network Neutrality: Reconsidering Flat-Rate Internet Access

Later this week, the FCC is expected to release details of a newly proposed policy addressing network neutrality. These rules, motivated primarily by a desire on the part of the Obama administration to encourage openness and innovation on the Internet, are also mired in intense political debate, some of it ideological but much of it driven by a corrupt system of campaign finance. Corporate donors are staking out their turf and finding compromise...

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The Challenges Of Wi-Fi Guest Access

Earlier today, I was passing by a conference room in the building where I work on the Syracuse University campus. One of our business partners from a local technology incubator was sitting in the conference room working on his laptop computer, trying to make productive use of his time before a meeting. Performance was indeed abysmal, reminiscent of the days of dialup networking. Needless to say, it didn't leave our visitor, someone we very much...

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10 Years Of Wi-Fi: Lessons Learned

It's been about 10 years since I tested the first batch of 802.11 products for Network Computing. A lot has happened with Wi-Fi since then, almost all of it good. As a grizzled veteran of the broadband wireless industry, I reflect on some of the lessons I've learned.

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Air Time: Mobile ESPN: A Blowout Loss

The idea seemed compelling. ESPN as a brand dwarfs all other providers of sports content, in both scope and breath. With the emergence of broadband cellular networks and smartphones, the delivery of rich content to sports nuts had become a...

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Air Time: Responsible Mobility

Just as the automobile provided key benefits for widespread physical mobility, mobile information is largely a liberating phenomenon. But the revolution has a dark side, a struggle to ensure that

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Air Time: Enterprise Wi-Fi: Obstacles And Opportunities

We recently surveyed our readers to get an update on their attitudes concerning enterprise WLAN adoption. We received responses from 276 individuals, getting a pretty good mix from midsized-to-large organizations. Our surveys don't typically make their way into the hands...

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Air Time: 3G and Smartphones: Skeptical Optimism

Held in Barcelona, Spain, this week, the 3GSM World Congress is billed by its producers as the world's premiere mobile event. Last year, around 34,000 people attended the show, taking in the offerings of 685 exhibitors. This year's event has...

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Air Time: Will 802.11n Change Your World?

Last Thursday, the IEEE announced that the 802.11n Task Group (TGn) had approved a draft of what may be the most significant new standard to come out of IEEE in the past 10 years. Based largely on a specification developed...

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Air Time: Running on Empty

The appeal of Wi-Fi is simple: no more Ethernet cables. Freedom from the shackles of copper wire is not just convenient, it's downright liberating. But walk into an enterprise conference room, and what do you see? The Cat5 Ethernet cables...

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WiMAX in the Enterprise: Yawn

You can't really blame the proponents of WiMAX, including the WiMAX Forum, for the relentless hype that has surrounded this emerging wireless technology. Marketing professionals are hired to create buzz, to search for a sweet spot where consumers of information...

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