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Mobile Applications Really Do Matter, Especially On The iPad

My review of Apple's iPad, recently posted online, quickly met with some criticisms. The comments either deemed it flawed, pointing out that the tablet was not meant to be a laptop replacement, or basically implied that I really didn't understand the use cases for the device. And of course, there was the comment that I was a dinosaur, stuck in 1990's thinking about mobility.

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Making The Case For Mission Critical WLAN

Historically, wireless LAN networks have creeped into enterprises in one of two ways, either as part of a broader solution, such as warehouse management, or as point products, providing convenient access for conference rooms and the like. Going forward, however, if your organization has not already moved to pervasive, mission critical WLANs throughout your locations, now is the time to make wireless a focus in your infrastructure planning.

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Apps Should Define Enterprise Mobility More Than Devices

The woes of smartphone maker Palm have been front and center across the tech blogs and publications in the last week, with many folks predicting the death or sale of the storied company. While Palm's WebOS devices have not exactly taken the enterprise market (or apparently the consumer market) by storm, there is still a lesson for IT in the current drama: Avoid choosing a loser by not choosing at all.

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Watch For The Sacred Cows On The Road To Enterprise Mobility

Several years ago, while working for a small manufacturer, I was tasked with mobilizing the salesforce. The goal, at least at the time, was pretty lofty: eliminate the need for a laptop for the sales guys. The project started off very well. I was able to get evaluation units of all of the latest devices running the latest operating systems. We put a few devices in the hands of the eventual end-users and gathered a wealth of feedback on what...

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The Battle For WLAN Differentiation

The recent announcement that security vendor Fortinet is entering the enterprise wireless market highlights the ubiquitous availability of WLAN hardware. However, unlike the major players in the market, Fortinet does not have buildings full of RF engineers designing new radio hardware from the ground up. Today, just about any vendor can build (or have built for them) wireless access points based off of reference designs from the radio chip-...

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Spend More To Save More - Rethinking iPad For Enterprise Users

The launch details of Apple's iPad tablet were just recently revealed, with the WiFi-only version of the device going on sale April 3rd and is open to pre-orders on March 12th. While the gadget geeks will certainly be standing by with credit cards at the ready, I believe that waiting a bit longer for the 3G model, and paying a bit more, is the way to go for most enterprise road warriors.

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Does WLAN Management Really Need To Be In The Cloud?

After talking with vendors over the past year, I can't say I am completely on board with the notion of WLAN management tools as a software as a service (SaaS). The premise of cloud management is simple: instead of deploying yet another server in the data center, redirect the enterprise wireless controllers and access points at a vendor-hosted solution. WLAN management services have all the trappings of the current cloud hype.

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Workhorse Smartphones Put To Pasture

With Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this week, the announcements from wireless carriers, handset manufacturers and operating system makers are coming at a fast and frantic pace. Two of these announcements, however, stand out in terms of the impact of IT consumerization and the changing face of enterprise mobility. The first and most dramatic, of course, is Microsoft's announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series. The second is...

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Ground Rules For Mobilizing Users

Last week, I discussed rolling user-owned mobile devices into your mobility plans. While letting the users pay for their own wireless access may be a boon to the company's bottom line, it can also snowball into a nightmare for administrators dealing with supporting a slew of new devices. A little advanced work and planning can help thwart the dark side of mobility: the threat of unending calls to help desk, security threats and general chaos....

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Banning iPhones Leaves Money On The Table

Like many others, I spent a couple of hours last week scanning through the gadget websites and feverishly refreshing my browser to get all of details of Apple's latest wonder, the iPad. Despite some critical panning from the pundits, gadget-friendly consumers will no doubt stand in line for hours to buy one when it ships in couple of months. For those talented folks in IT, the iPad release day will bring with it a chorus of users asking a single...

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The Joys Of Dual-Booting

By letting you run Windows XP and Mac OS X side by side on the same computer, Apple's Boot Camp beta gives you the best of both worlds. Here's how

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