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Open Spectrum Does Not Mean Free Internet

There's a common misconception that a plan to open up more unlicensed, unmanaged spectrum will mean free Wi-Fi for all. Expect a lot of wonderful things, including competition for cellular carriers, but not for free.

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SoftRAM in 95 - Memory Optimizer in 2013

A new Windows 8 program claims to "optimize memory," implying a performance boost, but what it actually does - flushing the disk cache - is likely to degrade performance significantly. It evokes the memory of the greatest Windows utility scam of all time.

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Happy 100 Millionth, Dropbox

It still makes no sense to me that a company can make a living selling shared disk access over the Internet, but then again I'm one of the paying customers making Dropbox a success.

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Dropbox Adds 2-Factor Authentication

Dropbox users can set their account to require a second authentication code when accessed from an untrusted computer. The code can be obtained via SMS text message from Dropbox or through a mobile app on available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

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