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AppSecInc Promotes Data Security Legislation

NEW YORK -- Application Security, Inc., the leading provider of database security solutions for the enterprise, today announced an initiative with the Cyber Security Industry Association (CSIA) to bring data security to the forefront of legislative action. In partnership with the CSIA, Application Security, Inc. is participating in a grassroots campaign to drive data security legislation that establishes a national standard for the protection of sensitive information and for data breach notification. Notably, these efforts are underway in October, recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

“We feel a tremendous responsibility to improve data security,” said Toby Weiss, president and CEO, Application Security, Inc. “Partnering with the CSIA is a powerful way we can make data security a priority, not only in Washington, but with enterprises in general. It’s a concern that will remain critical to the vitality of our national economy.”

As the market leader for database security solutions, Application Security, Inc. is working with the CSIA and local congressional offices throughout New York and Massachusetts to promote better data security standards nationally.

“Data breaches continue to occur at every kind of organization – schools, government agencies, health care providers, small businesses and large retail stores. It is time for Congress to act,” said CSIA President Tim Bennett. “The continuing absence of a national data security law leaves consumers vulnerable to identity theft and threatens the security of personal data.”

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