• 06/01/2010
    10:00 AM
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Application Performance Aggregation: The Next Wave In Cloud APM

As organizations start the slow move toward cloud computing and begin deploying more of their infrastructure in off-premise private cloud environments, the challenge of end-to-end APM becomes increasingly complex. Application Performance Aggregation (APA) as the next big wave in end-to-end application performance monitoring (APM) and where the APM market will be in a few years.

SL historian can provide exposure at different levels of data granularity to different customers, and their ability to cache and provide fast access to data across an environment for presentation as well as root cause analysis is suited to the cloud environment. Compuware's Vantage is also focused on correlating different data sources across a variety of platforms and looking at real-time and historical data that will be critical for the cloud data center environment.

As cloud providers offer more capabilities, they need monitoring platforms that go beyond Java and .Net monitoring, but can monitor the relationships within the data center, especially as physical infrastructure moves around. Bringing all of the information into a single view and then exposing a subset to customers is not easy, but it's the direction the market needs to go.

These data grids will play a large role in telecommunication and cloud environments enabling the exchange of information and the ability to dynamically scale capacity, but are also the platform to expose the data to customers and provide real-time visibility into performance.  APM will become even more critical in could environments, but it will involve an evolution of thinking for enterprise IT managers.

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