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Adobe 'Wallaby' Turns Flash Into HTML5

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TOP STORY: Adobe 'Wallaby' Turns Flash Into HTML5

MORE NEWS: Data Breach Costs Continue Climbing

ANALYTIC REPORT: 2011 Backup Survey: New Possibilities For Data Protection
WHITEPAPER: How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released

SLIDESHOW: 11 Epic Technology Disasters
VIDEO: Thunderbolt
BLOG: 8x8 Adds Android App
WEBCAST: Five Jobs You Can Do Better with Intelligent Decision Automation

RESOURCES: Take Our IT Outsourcing Survey -- A 32GB iPad Could Be Yours!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. --
Gustav Mahler



Adobe 'Wallaby' Turns Flash Into HTML5

Experimental software from Adobe will turn Flash assets into non-proprietary Web content, but it remains a work in progress.


Motorola Xoom To Debut Without Flash

Mozilla Web Application Project Debuts


Data Breach Costs Continue Climbing

Some of that cost may be unnecessary, a study has found.

Microsoft: Make IE9 The Last Release

The big-bang theory of software releases doesn't work well in the age of the Internet, a lesson Microsoft hasn't learned yet.

iPad 2 Sales Projected To Soar

Apple may sell as many as 5.5 million of its second generation tablets during the first quarter of availability, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

ViewSonic Tablet Runs Windows, Android

The 10-inch, dual-boot ViewPad tablet runs an Intel Atom processor and has two USB ports for a keyboard and mouse.

FBI Deploys Enhanced Fingerprint ID System

Designed by Lockheed Martin, the multimillion-dollar Next Generation Identification System lets the agency exchange fingerprint and biometric ID data around the clock with 18,000 partners.

5 Reasons Not To Buy A Subsidized Tablet

RIM, HP, Samsung, HTC, and others are rolling out their iPad competitors -- skip the subsidized models and pay full retail price for a tablet. Here's why.

Navy Adds Cybersecurity Academy Requirements

The Naval Academy has added two new class in cybersecurity, highlighting the importance of cyberwarfare as an emerging area of potential expertise for academy students.

Health IT Stakeholders Find Meaningful Use Goals Aggressive

Electronic health record vendors, healthcare providers, and others say Stage Two and Three timelines, targets, and objectives are too demanding, according to a CCHIT survey.

Skype Adds Advertising To Windows App

Some users of the paid version of the communications service are objecting to the ads.

YouTube Acquires Next New Networks

Google will pay less than $50 million for the company, which has produced viral video hits such as "Bed Intruder" and "Double Rainbow."

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Virtualized servers are still just servers. Stick with what
you know. InformationWeek Analytic's Virtualization Security
Survey analysis provides low-cost steps to keep data safe.

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2011 Backup Survey: New Possibilities For Data Protection

Today's system administrators can take advantage of myriad new and improved data protection technologies. Learn how these new developments overcome the two biggest problems of yesterday's backup solutions, and offer inclusive protection for branch offices and remote employees.

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APM: How To Calculate Your Costs

Application performance management products are essential for monitoring and troubleshooting critical apps. They're also very expensive. This report guides you through a TCO exercise to help you calculate the capital and operational expenses of an APM product set, including predeployment steps and consulting and IT costs. We also provide a customizable worksheet for your own calculations.

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How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released

This report lays out how white papers and other marketing content is consumed and perceived among technology buyers in the B2B sector.You'll also learn:
- What content and collateral needs to be influential in 2011
- How tech buyers have been taking to video, social media, and other "new media"
- How to build a content portfolio that drives quality leads
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Migrating to Windows 7 with Dell SaaS Solutions

Moving your organization to Windows 7 requires careful planning to avoid time-consuming and costly mishaps. Don't miss this report on how to prepare for a Win 7 migration and how Dell SaaS offerings can automate and accelerate the process at a low cost and with high security.
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11 Epic Technology Disasters

Nature and politics kill far more people than technological accidents but failures of machines still take a toll on both a personal and social level. Some disasters like the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger resulted in only a few deaths but nonetheless had a worldwide impact.   View Now

Apple Announces iPad2

Great Lost Software: 16 Gone But Not Forgotten


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Running at 10 Gbps, Thunderbolt technology can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds.   Watch

ALSO WATCH Bests Microsoft On Integration Of Outlook With Sharepoint

Aastra Announces Bluestar HD VideoConferencing "App Phone"




Featured Blogger8x8 Adds Android App

By Paul Korzeniowski

Smartphones have become key extensions to business communications systems. In response, 8x8 Inc., a hosted communications provider, added an Android application to its repertoire.


Breaking The Open Source Licenses

By Ed Hansberry

An increasing number of apps found in smartphone app repositories are based on open source. For that matter, the number one platform, Android, is itself open source. Even though open source licensing requirements are meager, a lot of apps violate the terms of the license.

AdGrok Helps SMBs With Website Marketing

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Search engine marketing is hot right now, but doing it effectively can be a challenge for small businesses that don't have the time or resources to learn its ins and outs. That's why a number of companies are coming out with products that simplify SEM/SEO for SMBs.

Dealing With Recovery Transfer Time

By George Crump

In our last entry we discussed lessons to be learned from the Gmail crash. In an upcoming entry we'll cover establishing the tiered recovery points. These three tiers of recovery; high availability (HA), backup and archive provide a similar goal; application availability. What separates them is the time it takes to put the data back in place so the application can return to service. Dealing with recovery transfer time is an important factor in the overall recovery process.

Keynote Focuses On Cloud Application Performance

By Paul Korzeniowski

Monitoring tools typically arrive after a technology has begun to take root. With cloud computing gaining so much buzz recently, Keynote Systems threw its hat into the cloud application performance monitoring arena.

Five Jobs You Can Do Better with Intelligent Decision Automation

Discover how automating and improving your most routine operational decisions can help you process more business with less effort and higher quality
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