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8 Cool Smartphones At CES | Google+ Search Controversy Grows

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Friday, January 13, 2012



Between The Lines Columnist
Google+ Search Controversy Grows

By Tom Claburn

Twitter and privacy experts cry foul over Google's inclusion of Google+ content in its search results, raise issue of further government intervention.


Slideshow: 10 Essential Google+ Tips
Google Marries Google+ To Search Results

8 Cool Smartphones At CES

Among the smartphone twists at this year's CES, we saw sleeker designs, added durability, 3D capability--and even phones that go underwater.

Sykipot Malware Steals Pentagon Smart-Card Credentials

Malware out of China challenges two-factor authentication schemes used by Defense Department, other organizations.

Why Personal Health Records Have Flopped

It's not a security, privacy, or data-sharing problem. It's a patient problem.

iPhone 4S China Debut Turns Violent

Apple halts sales of the iPhone 4S at its retail stores in China, as angry would-be buyers egg its flagship store in Beijing

Mobile Apps Quietly Steal Your Privacy

Otherwise respectable mobile apps sometimes trample privacy with overgenerous device permissions, experts say.

Facebook Helps Paid Posts Float To Top Of Feeds

New 'featured' stories let marketers cut through the noise in your already cluttered news feed. Cringe-worthy, or smart?

Why Did Kodak, Motorola, And Nortel Fail?

All three were technology-driven and had a "franchise" with happy customers, yet all three are close to pushing up daisies.


Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. -- Albert Einstein


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Facebook Helps Paid Posts Float To Top Of Feeds
Why Did Kodak, Motorola, And Nortel Fail?

IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map

Migrating JEE Applications to SpringSource tc Server

CES 2012: Elegant Gadgets Abound

Maximize ROI with Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds

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Posted By OldUberGoober:

"...while I agree that a properly configured Linux system is generally safer than an equivalent current Windows machine, the delta has shrunk significantly over the years, and the real key to either system is that 'properly configured' caveat."

In reply to:

"Air Force Drone Controllers Embrace Linux, But Why?"
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IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map

Ready to catch the Metro? Windows 8 is a major shift, with features borrowed from desktop gadgets and mobile devices, and it brings a slew of new paradigms for developers. Here's what you need to know.

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Featured Report

Research: Physical and Logical Security Convergence

As employees become more dispersed, physical security measures need to evolve and merge with logical controls. But our trending shows a stunning dearth of innovation and investment in technologies, as well as a lack of integration with SEIM systems. In this report, we'll shed light on this often overlooked but important part of any security posture.

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Featured Report


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Migrating JEE Applications to SpringSource tc Server

This white paper discusses an important trend in IT development and deployment architectures: the evolution from JEE Application Servers to lighter weight Java containers. As evidenced by the growing popularity of Tomcat server, many IT organizations have been re-thinking their commitment to commercial JEE Application Servers. This white paper reviews considerations for migrating applications from their commercial JEE servers.

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Data Protection Strategies in the Age of the iPad, Malicious Insiders, and PCI

This white paper addresses the issues and challenges of protecting information as it moves across networks, to mobile devices, and in the cloud, and deny illegitimate access without compromising the productivity of legitimate users. Find out about recommendations and solutions for effective protection.

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CES 2012: Elegant Gadgets Abound

Check out the coolest gadgets from CES Unveiled 2012.

Air Force Drone Controllers Embrace Linux, But Why?

U.S. Air Force switched drones' ground control operating system after a credential-grabbing malware outbreak. Security expert thinks it's more than coincidence.

Data Mine This: Government Challenges Scientists

Federal standards organization NIST seeks participants for upcoming conference that will focus on search techniques for large, challenging data collections.

RIM PlayBook 2.0: Here Come The Apps

Research In Motion demonstrated the next release of its BlackBerry PlayBook operating system at CES. Check out our video for a peek at native email and calendar apps, an Android player, and user interface improvements.

Microsoft, LG Strike Android Patent Deal

New agreement means Redmond now gets revenue from 70% of all Google-based smartphones sold in the U.S.



CES 2012: Elegant Gadgets Abound

Check out the coolest gadgets from CES Unveiled 2012.  

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Tablets of CES: Visual Tour

Ultrabooks Of CES: Visual Tour


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How Do I: Create a Website Using the WebMatrix Tool?

This video demonstrates how you can create a new web site using the WebMatrix tool.



MSDN Bytes - Site Pinning

MSDN Bytes - Ease of IE 9 Feature Implementation





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