The Mess That Is Android: A Google-Powered Object Lesson

, April 09, 2012 Google's Android is a great OS, but it has significant problems that must be addressed before it becomes irrelevant. Here are 10 of them.
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Want to both user experience? Don't let the home screen or app drawer rotate to landscape mode. Why would anyone want to rotate the home screen to landscape. I like holding my phone in landscape and, hitting the app drawer or the dialer and reading vertical. Thankfully I am not left handed, but if you are, then no left hand orientation for you, either. But what am I complaining about? Screen rotation on ICS is so slow that I find myself shaking my phone in a vain attempt to get it to rotate.

Come on. I know the screen can rotate to landscape. It works on alternative home screens, after market ROM's, and even my Asus Transformer Prime. The screen won't rotate on handsets running stock Android.

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