The Mess That Is Android: A Google-Powered Object Lesson

, April 09, 2012 Google's Android is a great OS, but it has significant problems that must be addressed before it becomes irrelevant. Here are 10 of them.
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If Google doesn't start addressing UI/UX issues, Apple's iOS will continue to dominate and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will have a real shot at beating Android. Microsoft in particular has a talent for defeating competition having beaten or fended off Apple, IBM, and Linux on the desktop and Novell and various Unix variants in the server space.

Perhaps rather than giving away Android for free, Google should start licensing the OS to OEM's, create an P&L for Android and treat it like a business. Or maybe Google can take some of its $9,983,000,000 in cash to create an Android support team and start to resolve some of the 16,000+ defects.

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