The Mess That Is Android: A Google-Powered Object Lesson

, April 09, 2012 Google's Android is a great OS, but it has significant problems that must be addressed before it becomes irrelevant. Here are 10 of them.
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I like the Android OS and many of the Android phones. I have five in my house, and I use them all. I think it's a good OS and there lots of good apps for free or at a low price. In fact, there are a number of apps that are free for which I would gladly pay. Some of my top picks are listed in "13 Must Have Android Apps For IT."

Like all OS's, Android has its issues. However, the biggest issue Android has is Google. I don't think the search giant is quite in tune with what it takes to successfully run a commercial, consumer driven product like Google, and I think Google is going to kill Android. It's death by a 1000 cuts. There isn't any single problem that is going to kill Android. It's a bunch of little ones that collectively add up to difficult user experience. Here's a few.

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